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What Makes Ranking Rabbit Stand Out From Other SEO Training? Read My Ranking Rabbit Review And Find Out!

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In this Rating Rabbit review, I will introduce myself in detail and introduce the content of Rating Rabbit SEO in detail.

I have been engaged in internet marketing games for many years. In fact, when I tell people that I have created and ranked websites for more than 10 years, I feel very old! I have actually lost the count of how many actual ages I have, just like my age, I forgot how old I have been…

Therefore, I know how important it is to get the highest ranking for organic free traffic on Google, which may be one of the most difficult aspects of making money online. If you do not get traffic, then you will not get sales! is operated by SEO expert James Upjohn. His online business is not only to help others get the highest ranking, but also to attract and profit from the highest ranking keywords. To be honest, before I purchased the training program from, I hadn’t even heard of James Upjohn, so I didn’t know what would happen. Fortunately, I managed to see 3 wonderful webinar videos proposed by Carey of Fresh Store Builder. James provided SEO training for members of James and Careys on Amazon member sites.

Okay, let’s talk about SEO. If you have done any SEO training, most of which are A to B jobs, then I mean, the instructor will gradually teach you the basics of keyword ranking. For example, keyword research, buying the exact domain name, and then adding backlinks and social links…


Not all training is based on this, but most training is basic. As part of it, I am very annoyed with these products because they are sold as “the new SEO is coming” and scare the readers. “If you don’t do this, super trick, then you won’t rank at all” , This is not true at all!

James Upjohn will teach you not only these basics, but also why and how to reverse engineer your competition! Now, I have to be very careful, I don’t want to pay too much, but we can only say that for those who rank first in extremely difficult keywords such as “free iPhone”, my viewing is impressive. This is a new way to check SEO and what I should do!


In fact, everything I do now is very different, and keywords that I think currently can’t rank seem to rank easily.

Official website: Click ➡️ Ranking Rabbit ⬅️

But what exactly do you get for your membership price ?

After registration, you can access almost all aspects of website ranking video training tutorials, James covers all the basics from novices to teaching experienced professional new skills. You can visit his Rabbit Rabbit comments Facebook group. In this group, members including James himself share with 2 outstanding employees and help each other. They will quickly answer any questions you may post.

Let us see which video modules you will get in the membership site!

The first tab will be your “Getting Started” section. If you are not familiar with SEO, then even if you know a lot about SEO and WordPress, make sure you watch all these videos because it is beneficial to do so.


Ranking Rabbit Review Video Series (Getting Started)

1.     Introduction

2.     Keyword Research

3.     Competition Analysis

4.     Exact Match Domains

5.     Blackriders Theme

6.     Nexus Themes

7.     Plugins

8.     Content Creation

9.     On Page SEO

10. Page Load Speed

11. Call Tracking & Recording

12. Mobile Friendly Sites


The above video series are almost all about using WordPress to build a website and use WordPress for keyword research CMS platform (CMS = content management system), you will see that many specific topics are involved, such as “page load speed” in SEO.

It’s important because Google now penalizes websites that are not set up properly.

Mobile friendly website, this is another video that introduces the importance of making a website friendly to mobile phones. In the past 3 to 4 years, traffic from mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and phablets has increased a lot.

Ranking Rabbit Review Lead Generation Videos

Next in the video series is videos on lead generation and how you can create easy niche websites that rank very easily and can make you thousands in return. It’s a pretty simple idea but if you don’t know how to set up your site to capture leads correct and to also rank you will mess things up.

  • Lead Generation 1
  • Competition Analysis
  • Rank Tracking
  • Lead Generation 2 (Hosts, themes, plugins)
  • Getting Great Content
  • Lead Generation 3 (How to read the search engines)
  • Lead Generation 4 (Google+ Profile, Twimlbin, whisper message and site speed)
  • Lead Generation 5 (How to use Buffer, social profile linking to create brand signals!)
  • Finding a Business To Take A Free Trial
  • Introduction to PBNs (Private Backlink Networks)
  • Q&A Webinar and Deleted Domain PBN Training
  • Safe Setup PBN Training

As you can see, there is a lot of content to go through in the “lead generation” section of the member. These videos are really great, so make sure you watch them twice! I will not lie to you, the knowledge you will learn here will enable you not only to start ranking your website, but also to make money from it. You will also learn a whole new way to generate potential customers online.

Not only that, you also have Scrapebox video training, customer acquisition, social media and Amazon video series! All of these show exactly how to rank your website and make money! I am a member now, why do I continue to do this?

Because the true nugget is not just all these amazing videos, but from the Facebook community group, this is where we all hang out and share our knowledge and experience. You will find newbies to experienced IM guys in here with James and his crew helping and answering all your questions. For me this is what makes the membership so much worth that little bit more, I’m going to stay a member till I feel I am not getting any value out of the group but James Upjohn is constantly uploading new videos and tools so I guess that will be a long time waiting!

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