Health credit

Simulate and quickly obtain your health credit and benefit, as for the various consumer credits, from the advice of our experts!

What is a health credit?

A health credit, also known as a health care credit or health loan, is a personal loan, i.e. an unallocated credit, intended to finance in whole or in part health care expenses (hospitalization expenses, dental care, dentures, medical expenses, fees, lenses, opticians and frames, alternative medicine, vaccines, repatriation, self-medication, orthodontics, dentists, dental implants, In vitro fertilization…etc.).

Its subscription is often a means of ensuring access to care for borrowers without complementary health or even social protection. In fact, in addition to the compulsory social security system (compulsory health insurance), subscribing to a mutual health insurance plan (complementary health insurance) allows a member to secure his personal situation and extend his health coverage.

Why make a health credit?

However, this complementary coverage does not always fully protect its beneficiaries. It can happen, in the event of hospitalization for example, that a course of treatment proves to be much more expensive than expected (private room, work stoppage, increase, disability, daily lump sum, aggravated health risk, etc.). It is in this context that a request for a health loan can be made.

If you do not extend your health coverage, a health care loan will offer you, at that moment, the possibility to quickly reimburse your expenses. The total cost of health expenses is then converted into a single monthly payment. This is determined by various elements (repayment period, interest rate, credit rate or annual percentage rate of charge (APR), financial situation, repayment capacity, etc.).

How to make a health credit?

To take out a health credit contract, you can contact a traditional lender. However, if you are indebted to your banker, you will be charged a handling fee. Moreover, the proposal of the credit organization will probably not be at the best rate.

On the other hand, if you wish to take out a loan under the best conditions, it is preferable for you to call upon a broker specializing in personal loans. For example, the experts at BoursedesCrédits are able to accompany you through the entire process, from health care to the signing of the contract.

By comparing for you, among the large list of partner banking establishments, the different offers, and finding the one with the best rate, but also the best loan conditions (repayments, monthly payments, cancellation, due dates, total amount, debt rate, loan duration, effective rate, etc.) the brokers make it possible for you to obtain a health loan perfectly adapted to your situation and your project.

How to choose the right health loan with the credit comparator?

Another advantage of a brokerage company such as BoursedesCrédits for a borrower is to be able, precisely, to test his borrowing capacity free of charge online before formulating his request for a health loan.

Indeed, our simulator, which can be used for all types of credit (consumer credit, real estate loan, credit repurchase and consolidation, revolving or revolving credit, affected credit, car credit, lease credit, fast credit, zero rate loan, credit without proof, motorcycle credit, work credit, etc.) allows its users to visualize themselves, without commitment, the different credit organizations and their proposals.

After a credit simulation, an individual looking for an advantageous loan contract to pay for his health care expenses will then be able to better anticipate what will happen next. For example, he will be able to better know the maximum amount that his financial situation offers him, thus avoiding, in the most extreme cases, finding himself in a situation of over-indebtedness with the Bank of France.

So, for your health consumer credit, don’t hesitate to turn to BoursedesCrédits in order to benefit, in the long run, from the best possible loan offer.

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