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The world's biggest digital currency trade, Binance, will before long be dispatching its own charge card, the Binance Card, with which you can shop anyplace with your Bitcoins. At this point don't will you have to sell your crypto to cover tabs. With the Binance Card, you can keep HODLing, and spend just what you have to make an installment.

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The Bitcoin exchange Binance announced some days ago hat it would issue its own debit card. The Binance Card is intended to enable payments in crypto-currencies. For a long time it was unclear which provider Binance would use for this. Now there are some indications that the industry leader will use the crypto-project Swipe technology for its debit card.

The crypto news portal TheBlock had fueled the rumour mill at the end of June. TheBlock claimed to have heard from insiders about the upcoming cooperation between Binance and Swipe. As a result, the price of the Swipe token SXP rose sharply.

The problem: Binance removed the Swiss Post, which was published on 1 July, shortly afterwards. True to the motto: buy the rumour, sell the news, the SPX price had to record sales after 1 July.


Where Do You Get Binance Card?

Binance is currently releasing the Binance Card in a beta version, and aims to make it available globally to all new and existing users within the next few weeks. Binance Card will initially be released in Malaysia, then in Vietnam, and more countries will be added later.

You can register interest in Binance Card through the landing page, and Binance will notify you once the card becomes available in your region. All you need to do then is download the Binance Card App, log in to your Binance account or register a new one, and complete simple and secure identity verification. Then you can order the card for a one-time cost of 15 USD, which is payable in the form of initial top-up from your crypto wallet to the Binance Card balance. You just transfer 15 USD worth of BNB or BTC to your card balance to process your order. Binance doesn’t charge any monthly or annual fees.

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Binance card (credit card)

With the Binance debit card you can easily spend your crypto in stores that accept VISA. The card is 100% free and no fee is charged for a transaction. The debit card is linked to your Binance wallet and you can spend your crypto immediately. You can receive a cashback of up to 8% on all your purchases. You get this paid in Binance Coins.

How does Binance Cashback work ?

Binance Card offers cashback for each buy that you make with the card*. The cashback rate will rely upon your card level, which depends on the measure of BNB marked at your Binance wallets. Binance will keep on adding new advantages and advantages to this program. Cashback is determined consistently for each settled** buy from the past date.


* Cashback is paid day by day in BNB to your card wallet. The Binance Card cashback program just applies to qualified buys made with your Binance Card. The rundown of qualified dealers and conditions is liable to change by Binance.


** “Settled” buy or exchange implies that the assets of this buy have shown up to the ledger of the merchant, for example your market.

What are the Card Levels

Binance Card has the following card levels. There are different reward percentages associated with each card level as per the table below. The Binance team is constantly working hard to provide additional benefits to our cardholders.


binance,card cash back,card dashboard, levels coinbase,
You may see your card level in the card dashboard in the Card Info section or in the cashback vault.
* “Stake” or “Staking” means the holding of BNB in your Binance wallets for a period of 30 days.

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